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Docker + Kubernetes

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Kubernetes is a wonderful open source platform for container-orchestration, basically container is providing compute power while controlling the micro services and every container has its own storage network and processing unit and generally container orchestration tools are managing and scheduling containers when the time of node failure.
Kubernetes is one of the best market leader for container- orchestration. In this course we are going to learn set of kubernetes features, benefits, deployments and monitoring alerts.

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What is Container ?
What is Docker daemon?
Container Vs VM
Multiple Containers  Management
Container basic commands
Docker Container Lifecycle Management

Building Docker Image

Image Creation
Deploying and configuring Private Registry
Automating Build using Dockerfile Instructions
FROM Instruction
Environmental Vars
ADD, Copy
Image Tagging
Commit Changes
Push/Pull Images With Docker Registry
Docker Image Creation with Real world Use cases.

Container Orchestration

Orchestration key features.
Why Organizations are looking for Container Orchestration.
Most familiar Container Orchestration Tools and working.

Kubernetes Certifications Demand 

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS)


Kubernetes Fundamenatls 

Module 1: YAML Basics

Introduction to Kubernetes Declarative Approach
YAML Basics 
Create Pod with Yaml syntax
kubernetes manifest file implementation with Yaml

Module 2:  Running Kubernetes Cluster

On Premises Cluster Creation
Custom Cloud Solution
AWS EKS Cluster 
Azure AKS Cluster
GKE Cluster 
Minikube Cluster 
KOPS (Kubernetes Operations) Cluster 
Rancher Cluster 

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