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Azure is a one of the familiar cloud provider in today’s IT world and will provide public cloud computing platform with various services.
1, Platform as a Service    2, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
3, Software as a Service (SaaS)  4, DevOps as a Service .  Etc ..
"Here you are going to learn several of Azure services including live use cases with examples."


Let's Start Azure Concepts



Azure components and terminology
  • Regions
  • Resource Groups
  • Storage Accounts
  • SLA
  • Azure tenant
  • Azure tenant hierarchy
  • Azure tenant vs Subscription


Azure NAT GateWay
  • Configure a NAT gateway using the Azure portal
  • Configuration virtual network and virtual machine
  • Deploy and configure Azure Firewall
  • Create a NAT gateway and associate with the virtual network.
  • Connect to virtual machine and verify NAT IP address.
  • Azure hub and spoke model


Design and Implement Core Networking Infrastructure
  • Introduction to virtual networks
  • Understanding IP Addresses
  • Configuring and Managing Azure Virtual networks
  • Configuring Azure virtual Subnets
  • IP Address Calculation and Subnet creation
  • Introduction to VNET Peering
  • Communication between 2 machines
  • Configure Global Peering
  • Azure-to-Azure Virtual NetworkGateway
  • Adding a Network Gateway Connection
  • Network Routing
  • Implementing Azure to On-Prem Connectivity
  • Introduction to Virtual Network Gateway
  • Configuring  Azure VNET Gateway to AWS VPN Connectivity
  • Introduction to HUB and Spoke Network
  • Azure bastion host configuration and pricing


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