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DevOps (Development and Operations) set a new trend in traditional Enterprise software development.
In this training will discuss a real time project with different stages of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment of using various tools like Git, Maven, Jenkins, Ansible, Nexus, Nagious, Sonarqube, Docker and Kubernates.
The aim of our course is giving better knowledge and real time experience of various Devops tools and which covers different aspects of IT Project development (CI & CD) process.


Let Start “Course Content“                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

DevOps – About to start

How IT Industry deals with new Project.
What is project?
How it receives new project?
Who will involve in new project?
What Project owner expect?
Who receives project owner requirements?
How initial project work flow will start
What is SDLC ?
Phases of SDLC
Role of DEV in SDLC
Role of OPS in SDLC
Models in SDLC?
Waterfall model
Agile model
Waterfall model Vs Agile model
What is DevOps?
DevOps Era
DevOps classification with stakeholders requirements
Why DevOps becomes more popular
Who will be involved in DevOps

IT Infrastructure management

Physical servers Overview
Server behavior
Physical data centre Architecture
Server Configurations
Network concepts
Virtualization Overview
What is VM?
VM Configurations and management
VM Network Concepts
Physical Server Vs Virtualization

Amazon Web Services And Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Infra Overview
What is Cloud
Cloud demand
Account creation and management
Physical Server Vs Virtualization Vs Cloud
AWS and GCP Account creation
EC2 Instance and GCP instance Creation
Security Group
Elastic IP Addressing VS Dynamic IP Addressing
EC2 Image Builder
S3 Bucket versioning
Route 53
Ph +91 9966231191 Whatsapp (+91 9966231191 ) Email ID:
GCP Firewall Management
GCP Cluster Creation
Application management with GCP cluster
Custom AMI Creation
Overview of VPC
3 Tier Application deployment with AWS Nodes
Overview Of AWS Developer Tools
Code commit
Code Build
Code Deploy
Code Pipeline
Multi cloud strategy
Cloud Real time use cases.

Docker & Kubernetes                                           

                                                                                       *** If you would like to get course content please download from below link ***


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